What to Expect

Your RMT will provide all of the modalities needed for the massage therapy treatment. This includes the table, linens, bolsters and any oils/lotions or any other modalities. You can review the different services offered by Peak and discuss with your RMT which treatment may be the most effective for you.

Your therapist will ask you a few questions based on your health history form, and will perform an assessment prior to beginning the treatment.  If its your first treatment, the initial assessment will only take a few minutes, however it is necessary in order to gather relevant information to put together an effective treatment plan specifically for you.  Ongoing or repeat treatments will generally require less time for an assessment.  Once the assessment is complete, the treatment can begin!

Following the treatment, your therapist will recommend a self-care regimen to continue and maintain your treatment.

We offer two options  for you to choose from.  Watch  below!